FEED is a weekly, online lit mag seeking short poetry, prose, and genre-blending in-betweeners. Driven by the way we are writing today, the editors of FEED aim to serve readers through the same format we’re creating from: on screens, with space and time constraints, in the stolen in-between moments of the day.

The writing we’re drawn to is brief, intimate, and satiating; works that leave it all on the table or keep us coming back again and again. Short writing, for us, quells hunger with concise, stark images and stories that speak for themselves.

FEED defines short-form literature as works of 750 words or less; as editors, however, we like lean meat. We want that spoonful of a story or morsel-length poem. Not sure if your micro, paragraph of a piece is a poem, a story, or an essay? Well, neither are we—but we’re famished and want to read it!

See our submission guidelines below for specific information on submitting to FEED.

Submission Guidelines

FEED currently accepts all submissions on a rolling basis. To submit to FEED, email previously unpublished pieces of poetry or prose in a single document to Submissions should include a brief third-person biography of 75 words or less.

All submissions must be single spaced in a .doc/.docx or plain text format file. Please indicate genre (POETRY/FICTION/NONFICTION) in the email’s subject line. See genre specifications below for additional requirements:

  • Poetry – Send three to five unpublished pieces of poetry in a single document to Limit one poem per page; six pages maximum.

  • Prose – Send up to three unpublished pieces of short prose in a single document to Limit 750 words per piece; eight pages maximum.

FEED’s commitment to media that is mobile-friendly means that, unfortunately, we are unable to publish works that require special formatting, such as shaped poems or works that rely heavily on spacing. Pieces that are not format-compatible will be declined.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged–just let us know via email ( if you wish to withdraw your submission.

We are humbled by each of our readers and submitters. While we are, regretably, unable to pay contributors at this time, we remain committed to promoting the works of our writers on FEED’s social media pages.

All rights revert to the author upon publication. We ask for first publication attribution if published elsewhere. FEED reserves the right to include accepted pieces in future publications or promotions.

Submitters will generally hear from FEED editors within seven to ten business days; please allow at least one month to pass before inquiring about submissions.