FEED is a semi-weekly online lit mag of short-form literature. If long-form journals are elaborate holiday meals, FEED is a quick bite with morning coffee or a light midnight snack. FEED offers a simple provision of short but satisfying poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and genre-bending in-betweeners.

FEED arose from a shared desire for consistent delivery of concise writing. As devoted but busy writers, readers, and subscribers, we’re frequently overwhelmed not only by the density of traditional long-form reads but also the sometimes-complicated means of accessing flash literature on the go. 

Inspired by the “newsfeed” style of the media platforms that connect us, FEED aims to be a mobile lit mag that exists in the spaces when we stop to unwind and replenish. It’s our hope to satisfy these necessary, soul-filling moments with condensed, stark poetry and brief, intimate prose made available with one-click ease. 

Like a deep breath before the day begins or the last screen scroll before bed, FEED celebrates compact, digestible literature that leaves us satiated—Flash: Easily, Entirely Digestible.  

Who We Are

Jessica Spruill is an English professor and graduate of the low-residency MFA program at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She is poetry editor for HeartWood, a literary magazine in association with the MFA at WVWC. Jessica is a Pushcart nominee whose work has appeared in The Pikeville Review, Rumble Fish Quarterly, Still: The Journal, and The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, as well as anthologized in Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility.

Allison Pugh is a writer from North Central West Virginia, now living in Chesapeake, Virginia. She earned her MFA from West Virginia Wesleyan College and is a fiction editor for HeartWood. Her work has appeared in Hinterland Magazine and Stone of Madness Press.